Puritan’s Pride Viper is an herbal formula meant to address men’s sexual health. As men age, one of the first things to go is his sexual drive and sexual vitality. Fortunately, there are supplements that contain ingredients that are known to address these problems.

One of the ingredients in this formula that many herbalists, nutritionists, and other experts say can help is Horny Goat Weed. When combined with Yohimbe – another ingredient in this supplement – is said to help bring about the more sexual drive. This is accomplished through subtly stimulating the metabolism, increasing blood flow and helping more blood flow into the chambers of the penis during times of arousal – helping to form stronger, more intense erections. One of the reasons men can face libido problems is because their erections just don’t have the same strength that they did when the men were younger. If these erections can once again become strong and firm, men may have more confidence in their sexual ability – leading to enhanced desire.

The other ingredients in the Viper formula also deal with boosting blood flow and helping with sexual drive, especially the Korean Ginseng. This herb is frequently seen in numerous other formulas that are meant to help with men’s sexual health.

Puritan’s Pride Viper Benefits:

– may help with sex drive
– may enhance erection quality

Puritan’s Pride Viper Negatives:

– Yohimbe is known to occasionally cause side effects.
– may not work on the first dose

Puritan’s Pride Viper Ingredients:

– Kola Nut
– Oat Straw
– Nettles
– Yohimbe
– Korean Ginseng
– Horny Goat Weed
– Catuaba Bark
– Muira Puama
– Damiana Leaf
– Saw Palmetto

Users are directed to take two pills once or twice each day, not to exceed four pills in a 24-hour period. It is recommended to take each dose with a full glass of water or other liquid.

Puritan’s Pride Viper Overall Review: 3 out of 5.