Tiger Balm Liniment Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Tiger Balm Liniment is an ointment for people who are suffering from joint problems such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis – or other rheumatoid problems.

One of these ingredients – the main ingredient in their formula – is Oil of Wintergreen. In many circles, it is extremely popular in treating joint problems. It comes from a tree that grows in North America. Although highly poisonous if not used correctly, Oil of Wintergreen may fight against arthritis in a couple different ways. When applied directly to the skin, it penetrates it easily and moves onto the tissues of the muscles, stimulating blood circulation. This is thought to help clear some of the obstructions to proper blood flow, one of the causes of arthritis. It also can have a warming effect, which can help soothe the area.

The other way that Oil of Wintergreen may work is by increasing urination, acting as a diuretic. This can help remove toxins more quickly, giving them less time to accumulate and do harm to the body. Preventing uric acid, a toxin, from building up can be an effective preventative measure against harm to the body. Also, removing these toxins and extra water can help people lose weight, also helping to fight against rheumatism.

Users are directed to apply the ointment to affected areas up to three (or four) times each day. Because of the possible danger of poison from this product, it is suggested that users first speak with their doctor before putting on the skin.

Tiger Balm Liniment Benefits:

– may help soothe the pain
– may help remove toxins

Tiger Balm Liniment Negatives:

– must take care to use as directed
– some may be allergic to certain ingredients

Tiger Balm Liniment Ingredients:

– Oil of Wintergreen
– Menthol
– Eucalyptus Oil
– Spike Lavender
– Light Mineral Oil

Clinical Studies: 

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