Andro Cream for Men is a cream designed to improve a man’s erection quality. They say that their formula can help reduce PDE-5 buildup, an enzyme in a man’s penis that may reduce the flow of blood into the penis during times of arousal. Butea Superba is the main active ingredient in Andro Cream for Men. Butea Superba is thought to help reduce these PDE-5 levels, restoring the penis to a higher function as seen in youth.

Andro Cream claims that their delivery system is more effective than some other treatments, using something called Transdermal Technology. This method consists of delivering the formula directly to penis tissues, seemingly without side effects.

Lynk Biotech, the creators of Andro Cream for Men, announce that they have done a survey that includes their customers. They claim that about half of the men who took part in the survey reported that the product worked for them. While this number may seem low, it must be taken into consideration that some of the men who are taking the product and answered the survey are also taking strong prescription medication that may inhibit the product from being effective.

Andro Cream for Men Benefits:

– may improve erection quality
– easy to apply

Andro Cream for Men Negatives:

– some men may not want to use creams
– oral sex be not be possible after application

Andro Cream for Men Ingredients:

– Butea Superba (Active)
– Users are directed to apply the cream to the entire penis twice a day.

Andro Cream for Men Overall Review: 3.9 out of 5.