The Blakoe Ring has been around since the 1950s by design of a man named Robert Blakoe. It claims to be the safest and most effective device ever created to help men with erectile dysfunction and decreasing libido. The product says that it also may help increase the production of sperm, as the ring can cool the testicles when worn. Another positive effect claimed by the company is that erections can reach their maximum size when the ring is worn.

The ring stimulates the genitals when they are placed inside the ring. The ring can be worn all the time or just for a few hours a day, as therapy. The stimulation may help keep the testicles “active” and keep the body from decreasing its testosterone production. When testosterone levels drop, men can experience various sexual-health issues, especially in terms of desire.

The company suggests that using Blakoemax Lotion in conjunction with the Blakoe Ring may be useful as well. They also suggest maintaining a proper diet: eating fresh vegetables, moderating alcohol intake, and not smoking — or smoking very little.

The ring weighs 32 grams and claims to be very comfortable to wear.

Blakoe Ring Benefits: 

– may help testosterone production
– many seem to find the ring non-invasive

Blakoe Ring Negatives:

– may require some dedication
– due to athletics, etc., the ring might not be feasible for some men

Blakoe Ring Ingredients: 

Consists of electro-dynamic copper and zinc plates.

Blakoe Ring Overall Review: 2 out of 5.