Botanic Choice Passionate Men’s Complex Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Botanic Choice Passionate Men’s Complex is a supplement designed to rejuvenate a man’s desire. It contains herbal extracts that are known for restoring passion to men who have lost much of their desire for sexual interaction – or even in other areas of life.

There are a few standout herbs in the formula, and a few that are considered complimentary by many experts’ standards. The standouts are Yohimbe, Ginseng, and Muira Puama; one of the complimentary ingredients worth mentioning here is zinc.

Yohimbe gets a lot of attention because it is known to be very potent in the right doses, as long as a high-quality strain of it is used. It is known to relax the smooth muscle of the penis, allowing blood to pass into the caverns. If this action can take place, there is a better chance of a man acquiring a full, healthy erection – something that many men struggle doing as they age.

Ginseng, while a main ingredient, complements Yohimbe. It is thought to improve circulation and blood flow, allowing more blood to be available when Yohimbe goes to work. It can stimulate the metabolism and provide energy as well, giving a man more stamina during sexual intercourse.

Muira Puama has a rich history of being used to treat impotence, especially in areas in South America. It is given to men who are trying to conceive children with their partners, and is thought to be a potent herbal aphrodisiac.

Zinc is an essential mineral that the body needs for countless functions. The prostate contains large zinc deposits, so it is thought that we can supplement the body with zinc in order to help prostate functioning and to prevent future prostate problems. It may help the prostate produce higher-quality – and more – sperm.

Botanic Choice Passionate Men’s Complex Benefits:

– may improve erection quality and boost the libido
– may improve sperm quality

Botanic Choice Passionate Men’s Complex Negatives:

– Yohimbe may cause side effects
– may require daily dedication for full results

Botanic Choice Passionate Men’s Complex Ingredients:

– Ginkgo Biloba
– Muira Puama
– Ginseng
– Zinc
– Mexican Sarsaparilla
– Schizandra Berry
– Yohimbe
– Damiana
– Kava Kava
– Avena Sativa
– Catuaba

Clinical Studies: 

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