Enlargel Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Enlargel is a product for men that comes in gel form. It aims to treat erectile dysfunction as well as be helpful for men that are seeking some form of advantage in the size and strength of their erections.

The gel takes advantage of both Androgen Precursors and Vasolidators. Androgen Precursors can help a man’s body to produce an adequate amount of testosterone, a problem that many men have as they age. Vasolidators are elements that can help increase blood flow in the body by causing capillaries and veins to open up, allowing this blood to freely flow into the organs and extremities. Like testosterone decline, another major reason men experience erectile dysfunction is that blood simply is not flowing properly to the extremities like the penis. If this blood flow can get a “kick start”, theoretically it can be possible for him to experience erections that are harder and stronger, as in his youth.

Enlargel goes into great detail about their ingredients, talking much about the effects of Maca, for one. Maca has been used for quite some time in improving a man’s fertility by increasing sperm count as well as erection strength. The logic is that if a man has more sexual prowess, there is a better chance of him being able to perform while trying to start a family, especially if his sperm is healthier.

Users are recommended to apply Enlargel right after a bath or shower – preferably one with warm water. Users should use a portion approximately the size of a dime and massage onto the penis, starting at the top and working down to the base.

Enlargel Benefits:

– may improve sex drive and erection strength
– possible potent ingredients

Enlargel Negatives:

– Yohimbe can cause side effects in some (jittery feeling)
– some herbal extracts take weeks to begin to show results

Enlargel Ingredients:

– Maca
– L-Arginine
– Niacin
– Damiana
– Yohimbe
– Horny Goat Weed
– Muira Puama
– Ginkgo Biloba
– Saw Palmetto
– Nettle Extract
– Tribulus Terrestris

Clinical Studies: 

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