Herb Pharm Yohimbe Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Herb Pharm Yohimbe is a product designed to increase vitality, especially sexual vitality in men. Yohimbe extract is one of the world’s most popular herbal aphrodisiacs and can be found either alone or alongside various other extracts aimed at treating erectile dysfunction, sexual fatigue, and other problems.

Yohimbe has a number of uses, with one of the main ones being to increase sexual desire and sexual performance. It may provide better passage of blood into the penis as it relaxes smooth muscle and dilates blood vessels in the reproductive area. This, in turn, may also increase sexual pleasure. To this end, it is often suggested to use Yohimbe in conjunction with other herbal supplements that can stimulate the circulatory system, getting the blood to flow more easily.

Another use of Yohimbe is to provide energy before intense workouts, and the herb has experienced increased popularity among bodybuilders for this reason. Likewise, since it can stimulate the metabolism, it is also used as a way to decrease appetite and burn fat.

Because Yohimbe is regarded as a potent herb, experts suggest starting with a very low dosage to see how each individual body responds to it. Those who have heart problems or take medication to regulate blood pressure should especially take care when deciding to use any products containing Yohimbe. This is not to say that it is dangerous, just that one should proceed with caution to avoid any side effects.

Herb Pharm Yohimbe Benefits:

– may improve erections
– may stimulate desire

Herb Pharm Yohimbe Negatives:

– contains only one ingredient
– may cause side effects

Herb Pharm Yohimbe Ingredients:

– Yohimbe Extract

Clinical Studies: 

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