Kaboom Strips Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Kaboom Action Strips are strips similar to breath-freshening strips that can be bought over the counter at gas stations and grocery stores. Instead of their purpose being to freshen breath, however, they aim to deliver herbal extracts into the body to help with sexual function.

They discuss how they are proficient at helping give that kick-start to sexual health. They mention that their product can help support healthy function of the penis through promoting healthy blood flow. Most men realize that blood flowing into the penis is what causes an erection. While this is true, it is slightly more complicated than that. The penis has chambers that are waiting to fill up with blood to cause an erection. When nitric oxide is stimulated in the body, the blood can begin to work to do this. However, complications can arise that can prevent the erection from maximizing its firmness. Things like prescription drugs to treat high blood pressure can get in the way of proper blood flow, as can lower levels of testosterone as a man ages.

One of the ingredients in the Kaboom Strips that aims to address this is L-Arginine. L-Arginine is believed to start the process of producing nitric oxide, thereby getting the process going.

When L-Arginine is combined with Red Ginseng, the effects may be effective. Ginseng has been shown to stimulate the nervous system, but differently than caffeine. It also is believed to promote proper circulation. This is one of the reasons that the combination of L-Arginine and Ginseng is commonly seen in male-enhancement products, especially ones that focus on sexual enhancement and health.

Users are directed to place a Kaboom Strip under the tongue and allow it to dissolve. They claim that the extracts will begin to work within minutes and may last for a few hours.

Kaboom Strips Ingredients:

– Fenugreek
– Asian Red Ginseng
– L-Arginine

Kaboom Strips Benefits:

– may improve erection strength
– easy to carry

Kaboom Strips Negatives:

– short ingredients
– the strength of product not known

Clinical Studies: 

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