Levitrex Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Levitrex is a supplement for men claiming to enlarge erections, give multiple orgasms, and increase sexual drive. It also claims to act fast and last for up to two days. Recovery time between orgasms is another aim of this formula.

Tongkat Ali has shown positive results in increasing testosterone production as well as vitality and is one of the main ingredients of Levitrex. If testosterone levels can be maintained, there is less chance of a man losing his sex drive. Another herb that stacks well with Tongkat Ali due to its similar properties is Tribulus Terrestris. Levitrex also adds Ginseng into their formula, aiming to let the herb go to work promoting healthy blood flow. If blood is flowing healthily, the extremities will benefit — this can make erections larger and fuller, as more blood will flow into the erection’s caverns.

Since Levitrex uses nothing but all-natural ingredients, users should experience minimal side effects, if any at all. For some, the supplement may begin working soon after the first dose, although herbal supplements can take up to three months to being to show noticeable results, especially in cases of severe erectile dysfunction.

Levitrex Benefits: 

– may increase erection size
– may help with stamina issues

Levitrex Negatives:

– instant results may not take hold for some men
– may not be a long-term solution for post-surgery patients

Levitrex Ingredients: 

– Tongkat Ali
– Cordyceps Sinensis Extract
– Panax Ginseng Extract
– Epimedium Grandiflorum Extract
– Tribulus Terrestris Extract
– Maca Root Extract

Clinical Studies: 

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