Libido Plus Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Libido Plus is intended to increase sexual pleasure, energize the body, give the libido a boost, promote better erections, and improve the pleasure of orgasms. It is intended for use by males and is available to purchase without a prescription.

Herbal formulas like Libido Plus are gaining more popularity in recent years due to some of the negative side effects that have been reported. This is not to say that herbal supplements do not come with the risk of side effects, but that generally, they are much milder and easier to control. Also, there are many variations of some of the extracts, and sometimes the Trial-and-Error method with herbal formulas can be much safer.

One of these herbal extracts that are thought to generally carry with it no side effects is the aphrodisiac Horny Goat Weed, easily one of the most commonly used herbal remedies for sexual health. It has been linked to helping to provide men with strong erections, promoting healthy blood flow into the penis during times of arousal. It is thought to do this by dilating blood vessels and relaxing the smooth muscle in the penis area.

Saw Palmetto is another versatile extract that is seen in this and other formulas for both sexual and prostate health. The berries of this plant contain Beta Sitosterol, thought to ease many of the problems associated with an enlarged prostate. It also is commonly used to promote healthy blood flow, showing up in prostate formulas, sexual-health formulas, and even shampoos and sprays to prevent hair thinning and male pattern baldness.

Libido Plus Ingredients:

– Catuaba
– Hong Shen
– Lu Liao Jiao
– Muira Puama
– Saw Palmetto
– Shan Yao
– Shan Zha
– Tu Si Zi
– Horny Goat Weed

Libido Plus Benefits:

– may help with erection strength
– may charge the libido

Libido Plus Negatives:

– short ingredient list
– may not directly address premature ejaculation

Clinical Studies: 

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