Male Plus Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Male Plus from Raintree Nutrition is a liquid product formulated specifically for men and sexual health. It contains four herbal extracts reportedly directly from the Amazon Rainforest that has long been used in many different cultures to support a healthy sex life.

The first of these is Muira Puama, one of the most widely-used extracts in products such as these. As a man ages, something called sexual fatigue can set in. This is different from losing a sexual drive, in that the man still desires to have sex; he just doesn’t have the sexual energy or capacity to do what he would like. Muira Puama is thought to help with this situation.

Catuaba is a tree in the Brazilian Rainforest as well. It may have properties of stimulating the nervous system, somewhat similar to caffeine – but without the crashing effects. It is considered an aphrodisiac and used as a tonic regarding male reproduction.

Chuchuhuasi is regarded as an all-around extract for health. It has been used to treat anything from arthritis to improving the immune system. In the case of Man Plus, it is used to strengthen a man’s libido, especially after continuous usage.

Sarsaparilla may be a complementary extract as has been used for ages to treat erectile dysfunction, with some herbalists reporting that it can have marked effectiveness.

Users are directed to ingest sixty drops (or two milliliters) of the liquid in water.

Male Plus Benefits:

– may improve sexual drive
– may help with erectile dysfunction

Male Plus Negatives:

– the potency of ingredients not known
– may require weeks of dedication

Male Plus Ingredients:

– Muira Puama
– Catuaba
– Chuchuhuasi
– Sarsaparilla

Clinical Studies: 

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