The Max Xtender is a custom-designed penis-enlargement device. It claims to be a safe way to increase penis size by two inches within just three months.

What is Max Xtender?

The way the Max Xtender works is by taking advantage of positive tension. The process works by putting on the device and having it stretch the penis at a level that is comfortable for you. The application may take a while and seem uncomfortable at first, but after a few times, they say it should only take 30 seconds to put on. After the device is in place, it may be worn for two hours a day for eight months.

Some men may choose to wear it for longer; there aren’t any solid instructional rules, just personal comfort levels. The idea is for the Max Xtender to gradually stretch the penis over time, and in turn, produce lasting results.

The plus side to this device is you can customize it to fit your personal needs. Although results vary, men will enjoy the fact that there are no side effects to this method of enhancement. Just remember, persistence is key when it comes to the Max Xtender.

Max Xtender Benefits:

– sizeable device to fit men of all size

Max Xtender Negatives:

– takes devotion and time to see results
– results may vary

Max Xtender Overall Review: 3 out of 5.