NOW Foods Maca Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

NOW Foods Maca is a supplement that contains the powerful herb known as Maca. In recent years, Maca has gained much popularity, especially in men’s sexual health. Many are giving it the name “Nature’s Viagra” due to all the sexual benefits it is thought to provide. It also has a wide variety of other uses, addressing many different aspects of human health.

Maca root has been popular in Peruvian culture for ages for its ability to enhance fertility and improve the libido. Both men and women are said to benefit from taking this extract. Peru and other cultures make the extract into tonics for increasing the chances of fertilization for couples trying to conceive children.

In men specifically, it may help with erectile function. As men age, they can begin to experience softer, less-full erections due to testosterone loss or other reasons. Taking Maca – especially when used in conjunction with other aphrodisiacs or circulatory boosting-extracts – is thought to restore much of this erectile function.

It also may increase sperm production, much in the way that zinc can promote the prostate and help increase both the quality and quantity of sperm.

Users are directed to take one Maca capsule one to two times each day. NOW Foods suggests taking the product alongside their TestoJack 100 formula, Tribulus, and their ENERGY formula.

NOW Foods Maca Benefits:

– may increase libido
– may improve stamina

NOW Foods Maca Negatives:

– contains only one ingredient
– may not see immediate results

NOW Foods Maca Ingredients:

– Maca Root

Clinical Studies: 

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