Provigrax Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Provigrax is a natural supplement that is designed to help men achieve longer, harder, and stronger erections. Marketed as a product that gives instant results, this pill claims to improve sexual experience and performance by working to improve blood flow to the penis. After regular consumption, the ultimate goal is to then train the penis to store more blood in the penis. This will not only enhance erections, but Provigrax says it will increase length and girth. The argument of Provigrax is that prescription pills only target impotency issues, and their pill is capable of a wider range of male issues — and is a safe alternative. Consumers are said to be safe to consume alcohol while on Provigrax and the product will still be active. The ingredient list appears to consist of all-natural components as promised but does not include Yohimbe. Yohimbe is a highly-respected and sought-after ingredient by men attempting to overcome impotency and performance issues.

Provigrax Ingredients: 

– L-Arginine
– Vitamin B6
– Niacin
– Epimedium
– L-Phenylalanine

Provigrax Benefits: 

– is a natural supplement
– claims to work instantaneously

Provigrax Negatives:

– lacks key ingredients

Clinical Studies: 

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