Stiff One Pills Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Stiff One Pills are designed for enhancing male sexual capabilities. They contain ingredients that are known around the world for helping with some of this, from addressing the problem of erectile dysfunction to improving the libido.

May formulas use plenty of herbal extracts that are well known in the Western world. While a couple of the ingredients in Stiff One Pills are somewhat known in the United States, they have chosen others that can be described as somewhat obscure in comparison. This of course does not mean that they do not work; rather, that maybe more studies can be done and reported widely so more men can take advantage of their benefits.

The first ingredient worth mentioning is Wolfberry. It works much in the same way as many other aphrodisiacs, helping to improve the flow of blood into the penis. It is said that daily use of Wolfberry can relax arteries, allowing a larger area of room for the blood to flow in.

Smilax, also called Sarsaparilla, is known to be effective at treating countless conditions in the body. In the case of sexual health, it is said that it can be a good way to improve the libido and keep hormonal levels balanced. Sex drive, of course, plays a large role in the functioning of erections. Hormonal levels are important as well, as the sex hormones are an integral part in overall sexual health.

Finally, we’ll mention Rhodiola Rosea. This plant grows in very cold areas on Earth, also helping to improve sexual drive. Some early studies have also suggested that it can help men who are having problems with premature ejaculation, another problem that can be debilitating for many men.

Stiff One Pills Benefits:

– may help with erectile dysfunction
– may help improve the libido in men

Stiff One Pills Negatives:

– may take some time for clear results
– some ingredients unfamiliar to many men in the Western world

Stiff One Pills Ingredients:

– Wolfberry Extract
– Smilax Regelii
– Rhizoma Polygonati
– Rhodiola Rosea
– Cyanotis Vaga
– Cortex Cinnamon

Clinical Studies: 

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