Vigor-Max Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Vigor-Max claims to help men with their sexual health. It contains herbal supplements that are commonly found in this area of business. They aim to treat declining testosterone levels, improve circulation, help with erection quality, and increase a man’s stamina during sexual intercourse.

Certainly, Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most common ingredients in this market. This is due to the thought that it can increase and regulate male hormonal levels, strengthening declining libidos and sexual urges. It is often used as a mild aphrodisiac and may help men build muscle mass. Some say that it can – over time – help with stress, anxiety, and depression. Avena Sativa, another ingredient in the Vigor-Max formula, also may work on the endocrine system, freeing up testosterone that has been bound. It may promote sexual awareness and enhance the sexual experience.

Damiana may have a stimulatory effect on a man’s nervous system as well as positively affecting mood. It is thought to boost energy levels and address issues with fatigue. It too has been linked to having some mild effects of an aphrodisiac.

Cayenne has a variety of uses. Not just a spice for foods, it is thought to help with blood flow concerning erectile dysfunction. It is known for being an aphrodisiac and a natural antibiotic as well.

Users are directed to take one pill each day, preferably with a full glass of liquid.

Vigor-Max Ingredients:

– Tribulus Terrestris
– Avena Sativa
– Elk
– Tongkat Ali
– Korean Red Ginseng
– Damiana
– Cayenne
– Chuchuwasi
– Guarana
– Wild Yam

Vigor-Max Benefits:

– may enhance erections
– may raise hormonal levels

Vigor-Max Negatives:

– moderate ingredient list
– can require some dedication of time

Clinical Studies: 

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