ViraMax Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

ViraMax is a male supplement that is created with the intentions to enhance sexual performance and overcome erectile dysfunction. This product tries to help all its consumers reach a healthy overall lifestyle.

ViraMax claims itself to be a non-prescription and natural form of Viagra. The key ingredients that are used in ViraMax are the natural aphrodisiacs Yohimbe and the Brazilian Catuaba.

Categorized as a daily supplement, ViraMax is meant to give long-term results to its users. For optimum results, two pills should be taken daily with a meal or a full glass of water. Although they are made with natural ingredients, men that have hypertension should seek a doctor’s approval before taking these tablets. ViraMax should not be taken by those who take medications for MAO-Inhibiting.

Possible side effects of ViraMax are changes in blood pressure and heart rate, sudden panic or anxiety attacks, and the chance of adverse reactions if taken with other medications.

ViraMax Ingredients: 

– Catuaba
– Muira Puama
– Tribulus
– Peruvian Maca
– Gelatin
– Cellulose
– Magnesium Stearate

ViraMax Benefits: 

– uses Yohimbe and Brazilian Catuaba
– is a natural supplement

ViraMax Negatives:

– should not be mixed with MAO-Inhibitors
– may cause a change in blood pressure and heart rate, panic or anxiety attacks, and other adverse reactions

Clinical Studies: 

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