Zenerect Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Zenerect is a pill designed to enhance multiple areas of sexual health. It contains ingredients that are thought to improve circulation, enhance erections, and provide more all-around vitality concerning sexual health and sexual intercourse.

One interesting ingredient they use is Bombyx Mori L Extract. It is derived from moths and is thought to contain essential amino acids, nutrients, and minerals. Eastern Medicine has been using this extract for ages to support a healthy libido, as it is thought to have properties of an aphrodisiac. Many also say that it can – like Horny Goat Weed (also included in the Zenerect formula) – relax the smooth muscle of the penis, which may allow more blood to flow into the chambers of the penis. If this can happen, there may be a much better chance of a man achieving a strong, tight erection.

They also use Jujube Extract in their supplement. This extract is commonly used in Eastern Medicine as a type of anti-depressant, reducing anxiety and stress levels. This can play a part in preventing erectile dysfunction, as much of the sexual experience starts in the mind.

Finally, we’ll mention Saw Palmetto, another ingredient in the product. The berries of this plant are used for a variety of preventative measures. The extract is commonly seen in formulas designed to keep the prostate healthy, as the berries contain Beta Sitosterol. Beta Sitosterol is said to help ease many of the problems caused by an enlarged prostate. Concerning the sexual aspect, Saw Palmetto has been linked to increasing a man’s sex drive.

Zenerect Benefits:

– may improve libido
– may help create strong erections

Zenerect Negatives:

– may require some dedication
– some ingredients unfamiliar to many men

Zenerect Ingredients:

– Horny Goat Weed
– Bombyx Mori L Extract
– Korean Ginseng
– Wild Yam Extract
– White Willow Extract
– Cnidium Monnieri
– Jujube Extract
– Cayenne Pepper
– Vinpocetine
– Catuaba Bark
– Maca Root
– Saw Palmetto

Clinical Studies: 

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