Master Prostate Formula Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Master Prostate Formula is an herbal supplement for prostate health. It contains many ingredients that have been linked to supporting a healthy prostate as men age. While most men will experience prostate problems at some point in their lives, many men are seeking to prevent this from happening by taking preventative measures in the form of natural, herbal supplements.

Saw Palmetto is a common player in formulas such as Master Prostate Formula. This is due to its suggested influence on the easing of symptoms related to enlarged prostates. One of the most common symptoms of a prostate that has grown too large is the feeling of needing to urinate frequently. This can become very uncomfortable for men and can interfere with day-to-day functioning. Another symptom that Saw Palmetto may help with is nighttime urination. Many men are frequently awakened in the middle of the night during normal sleep patterns to urinate. Other studies suggest that the extract may help bring the size of the prostate down in mild cases.

A less-common ingredient in such formulas – but still often used – is the mineral known as zinc. Zinc is used in many different processes in the body, especially concerning male health. The prostate contains a large deposit of zinc, which is why many feel that supplementing the body with zinc to keep these levels normal may be a good preventative measure. Zinc also may play a large role in semen health and production.

Master Prostate Formula Ingredients:

– Saw Palmetto
– Beta-Sitosterol
– Lycopene
– Pygeum Africanum
– Zinc
– Pumpkin Seed
– Stinging Nettles
– Amino Acids

Master Prostate Formula Benefits:

– may help with nighttime urination
– may promote all-around male health

Master Prostate Formula Negatives:

– immediate results may be uncommon
– moderate list of ingredients

Clinical Studies: 

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