Prosta-Metto Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Extra Strength Prosta-Metto from Puritan’s Pride is for prostate support. The health of a man’s prostate can become a major concern as he reaches his 40s, and even more so as he reaches his 50s.

As its name suggests, Saw Palmetto is the main ingredient in this formula. No other herbal extract has gotten the attention that Saw Palmetto has, in terms of helping with enlarged-prostate symptoms and conditions. This is because the berries of the plant have been strongly linked to easing some of the burning associated with urination in patients. Also, it may help to regulate the flow of urine, promoting a normal, healthy flow. Nighttime urination is one of the most-talked about problems associated with an enlarged prostate, and it has been said that Saw Palmetto may help to end this debilitating issue.

There is also noticeably a dose of zinc in Prosta-Metto. Many prostate supplements include this important mineral because the prostate already contains deposits of zinc. In order to keep these levels at a high standard, it is thought that supplementing the body can help. Zinc is also used in formulas that promote healthy sexual function, as zinc is thought to help the body produce more – and healthier – semen, with some saying that it can produce up to 300% more.

Users are directed to take one capsule two times a day with food. Taking with food and a full glass of water may help to prevent mild cases of nausea or upset stomach.

Prosta-Metto Benefits:

– may help with uncomfortable symptoms
– contains zinc

Prosta-Metto Negatives:

– short ingredient list
– dedication is required

Prosta-Metto Ingredients:

– Vitamin B6
– Zinc
– Saw Palmetto
– Pumpkin Seed
– Pygeum
– Uva-Ursi

Clinical Studies: 

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