Prostanew Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Prostanew is a prostate supplement for men. It contains a host of ingredients that have been linked to supporting prostate health in men. A large percentage of men will have prostate issues at some point in their lives, to the point where it can interfere with quality of life.

As with many other effective prostate solutions, Prostanew includes Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol in their formula. These are staples in the prostate-support industry. They are thought to ease many of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, such as relief from urinary soreness, regulating healthy urine flow, and addressing nighttime urination – and some studies suggest that these ingredients may play a role in shrinking the prostate itself.

Prostanew contains the full amount of the recommended Daily Value of Vitamin E. Some studies have suggested that prostate cancer cells that have exposure to Vitamin E may considerably slow down their growth. Related studies report that the Vitamin may actually kill these cancer cells in the prostate.

Antioxidants may play a large role in having a healthy prostate. This is why many prostate formulas include Lycopene. Lycopene – from tomatoes and other vegetables – is thought to destroy free radicals in the body that can cause harm; in this case, harm to the prostate.

Users are directed to take three capsules each day, spreading them out among the day’s meals. They say that users may begin to notice the effects of the capsules within two weeks.

Prostanew Ingredients (+ Daily Value %):

– Vitamin E (100%)
– Vitamin B6 (250%)
– Zinc (333%)
– Copper (38%)
– Selenium (286%)
– Saw Palmetto
– Beta-Sitosterol
– Pygeum Africanum
– Red Raspberry
– Graviola
– Green Tea
– Cat’s Claw
– Broccoli
– Lycopene
– Stinging Nettle
– Maitake Mushroom
– Reishi Mushroom
– Shiitake Mushroom
– Quercetin Dihydrate
– Juniper Berry Powder
– Uva Ursi Powder
– Buchu Leaf Powder
– Glutamic Acid
– L-Alanine
– L-Glycine
– Calcium D-Glucarate
– Pumpkin Seed Powder
– Burdock Root Powder
– Cayenne Pepper Powder
– Goldenseal Powder
– Gravel Root Powder
– Marshmallow Root Powder
– Parsley Leaf Powder

Prostanew Benefits:

– contains a large amount of zinc
– contains much Selenium

Prostanew Negatives:

– slight dedication required
– clinical studies not found at the time of review

Clinical Studies: 

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