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3 out of 5.

Prostate Revive by Medix Select is a daily prostate supplement for men. By consuming two of these capsules daily a man is said to have a chance at relieving some of the side effects that can come with having an enlarged prostate. The creators designed this supplement to help men lower urination frequency and regulate urination patterns. Those who suffer from BPH are likely experiencing a dramatic increase in trips to the bathroom and are never left feeling completely relieved. Medix Select hope that with their formula and your dedication users will be able to control their streams and get back to the schedule they knew and loved before.

This supplement contains many ingredients known to help aid in prostate relief. In particular, a popular ingredient is sawed palmetto. You will notice that many similar products contain this extract due to its increasing popularity to potentially provide support to the prostate. This product also contains beta-sitosterol which is frequently used to aid in regulating urination. The remaining ingredients should be studied by potential users as they each are said to offer unique benefits to one’s health when consuming.

Men should continue to use Prostate Revive two times per day for best results even if some benefits are seen. It can take some time for a natural substance to begin working to its full capacity and continued use may be required for benefits to remain. This product may give your body what it needs to feel relief when you give it the commitment it requires.

-may improve prostate health
-discounts received with bulk purchases

-long-term commitment may be essential
-daily is suggested

-Vitamin D3
-Vitamin E
-Beta Sitosterol
-Saw Palmetto
-Pomegranate Fruit
-Boswellia Gum Extract
-Pumpkin Seed Powder
-Pygeum Africanum Bark
-Stinging Nettle Root
-Flower Pollen
-Hydrangea Root Powder
-Lycopene 5%

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