Real Health Prostate Formula Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Real Health Prostate Formula is the most popular prostate formula put out by Real Health. It aims to promote the all-around healthy functioning of the prostate, promote a healthy prostate size, and help the body to maintain a healthy flow of urine.

Saw Palmetto is found in nearly every formula designed to supplement the prostate. Saw Palmetto has been linked to stopping the formation of DHT that can harm the prostate. It is also thought to end nighttime urination in some cases. When the prostate becomes enlarged, it can disrupt normal urination functioning; one of the side effects is frequent urination during normal sleep times.
Pygeum Powder comes from the bark of an African tree and is also thought to block the production of DHT, similar to Saw Palmetto.

Pumpkin Seed Powder has been linked to providing the body with healthy urination, due to its high level of fatty acids. While these fatty acids can be very important to processes within the body, we cannot produce them by ourselves. We must receive them through supplements or through the foods we eat.

Finally, zinc is thought to be one of the most important elements in prostate health. The prostate actually contains a very high concentration of this mineral – or should. It is thought that supplementing the prostate with zinc can help maintain a healthy condition.

Users are directed to take 3 pills a day with a meal.

Real Health Prostate Formula Ingredients (+ Daily Value %):

– Saw Palmetto Berry Powder
– Pygeum Powder
– Stinging Nettle Powder
– Pumpkin Seed Powder
– Zinc
– Vitamin B6 (2,500%)
– Vitamin D (50%)
– Vitamin E (333%)
– Lysine
– Glutamic Acid
– Glycine

Real Health Prostate Formula Benefits:

– loaded with Vitamin B6
– may provide prostate nourishment

Real Health Prostate Formula Negatives:

– can require dedication
– Vitamins may interact with multivitamins (read Daily Value %)

Clinical Studies: 

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