Eroxil Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Eroxil is a daily supplement that is intended to rejuvenate a man’s entire sexual reproductive system. Designed by Nokomis Research, Inc., this patented pill consists of compounds derived from both plants and animals. The company explains that they believe synthetic drugs and threatening plants are not the answer to a healthy sex life.

Exoxil claims to work by hitting the three main areas in a man’s sex life: sperm count, libido, and performance. They say that age and depression or anxiety can contribute to slowing down a man’s sex life and natural desire. Using natural ingredients, they claim to be able to combat this process, rejuvenating his youthful vigor, allowing for a more fulfilling sex life for both the man and his partner.

The recommended dosage is one pill a day, and they state that many users may start to see results within a few days. They add that sperm production works on a ninety-day cycle, so it may take some time for other men to see serious results in this area.

Eroxil Benefits: 

– claims to rejuvenate sexual reproductive system
– may help with desire

Eroxil Negatives:

– vague ingredient list
– may require some dedication

Eroxil Ingredients: 

– not divulged

Clinical Studies: 

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