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3 out of 5.

Lang Yi Hao is a supplement designed to help men in their pursuit of sexual health. It aims to help men overcome erectile dysfunction. It also may help with maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse – as well as other sexual functions.

Erectile dysfunction can start to affect men at any age, with more effects being shown each year. Testosterone levels begin to decline, and this disrupts normal hormonal functioning, with the libido – sexual drive – often feeling large effects. A sexual drive can considerably drop, causing relationship problems. Another issue that can be problematic as men age is good blood flow. When blood isn’t flowing as well as it should, the body’s extremities can suffer. This includes the process of achieving and maintaining erections. Erections essentially are created when blood flows into the chambers of the penis.

They use Ginseng to address some of these issues. Ginseng has long been associated with stimulating the nervous system, similar to caffeine – only generally without the “crash” that caffeine users can feel. This may help promote the good blood flow previously mentioned.

The other ingredients in the Lang Yi Hao formula are less-commonly seen than Ginseng. Users will find that they are unfamiliar to them. This is not necessarily a reflection on how the supplement works, however. Many of the common ingredients in other supplements have been shown in clinical trials to be affected, and many of them are only recently appearing in the Western World.

– may help with erectile function
– may address aspects of all-around sexual function

– ingredients may be unfamiliar to many men in the Western World
– few ingredients

– Ginseng
– Sea Horse
– Sea Snake
– Starfish
– Chinese Caterpillar Fungus

Clinical Studies: 

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