Polycernol Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Polycernol is a product for men that targets the prostate. It aims to keep healthy prostate size, help with nighttime urination, prevent a burning sensation with urinating, improve all-around erection quality, and improve sexual desire in men.

Polycernol is a little different than many of the other male-enhancement products you can find online, and the difference can be seen in their choice of ingredients:

Pygeum is rarely seen in other supplements, but it may help the prostate maintain the proper amount of fluids as well as reduce the chance of congestion. It may also help prevent the prostate from swelling, as it has been linked to reducing compounds that can cause inflammation.

Beta-Sitosterol has been reported to be effective at preventing nighttime urination (waking up to urinate). Studies done in multiple countries, according to Polycernol, have shown that 2/3 of the men tested showed improvement in this area.

African Plum Crust contains compounds that many herbalists feel can have countless benefits in the body. They also have been linked to keeping the prostate operating at a healthy size.

Zinc and Vitamin B6 are somewhat of a dual attack in this formula. While Zinc is widely used to keep semen production at a healthy level, Vitamin B6 can help the body absorb the zinc, assuring that it can actually be used for what it is intended for.

Polycernol Benefits:

– may help in maintaining proper prostate size
– may assist with youthful sex drive

Polycernol Negatives:

– may not directly address premature ejaculation
– herbs such as these often require weeks to begin showing effects

Polycernol Ingredients:

– Saw Palmetto
– Pygeum
– Beta-Sitosterol
– Lycopene
– Zinc
– African Plum Crust
– Vitamin B6

Clinical Studies: 

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