Ambislim Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Ambislim is a natural diet pill that is supposed to be used in conjunction with Ambislim PM. This is a night formula that is meant to give long, quality periods of sleep at night. The whole reasoning behind this two-part system is the importance of sleep. This product claims that quality sleep is just as important as a weight loss formula itself, but many might not want to take a sleeping medication.

Ambislim works by using antioxidants, fat “burners,” and hunger suppressors. While consumers enjoy the fact that this supplement is made up of natural ingredients, they may not want to take this product if they are not interested in taking a pill for longer, deeper sleep.

Ambislim Ingredients: 

– Decaffeinated Green Tea
– Slimaluma
– Chromium Polynicotinate
– Magnolia Bark
– Guggulsterones
– Dandelion Root
– Coleus Forskohlii
– Garcinia Cambogia
– Cinnamon Extract

Ambislim Benefits: 

– 2-part system
– natural

Ambislim Negatives:

– may not be interested in a sleeping pill

Clinical Studies: 

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