Nature Made Multi for Him Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Nature Made Multi for Him is a multivitamin specifically designed for the male’s body. Nature Made suggests that men’s bodies have specific requirements, especially concerning the heart, muscle, and immune system health. They have included 22 nutrients in this formula in the attempt to address these concerns.

Higher levels of Vitamin D (250% of the Daily Value) is designed to support a healthy prostate, strong bones and joints, immune system health, and for the health of the colon. Some research has suggested that there are chemicals in foods high in fat that may trigger cancer. If Vitamin D levels are strong, it may help to protect the body from this harm.

Containing 300% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C, Nature Made hopes to provide the essential vitamin for those who do not get enough of it in their everyday diets. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is not made by the body, so humans must get it from outside sources. It is needed for collagen synthesis, a necessary component in the structure of tendons, ligaments, bones, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is also known to be a very effective antioxidant, even in small doses.

Beta Carotene can help to increase the number of cells that are fighting infection, increase natural killer cells, and increase Helper T-cells. Like Vitamin C, it is known to be an excellent antioxidant, attacking free radicals in the system that can accelerate the aging process. It may help to reduce the chance of heart disease, especially heart attacks and strokes.

Nature Made Multi for Him Ingredients (+Daily Value %):

– Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene)  (50%)
– Vitamin C (300%)
– Vitamin D3 (250%)
– Vitamin E (167%)
– Vitamin K (100%)
– Thiamin (100%)
– Riboflavin (100%)
– Niacin (100%)
– Vitamin B6 (200%)
– Folic Acid (100%)
– Vitamin B12 (300%)
– Biotin (10%)
– Pantothenic Acid (100%)
– Calcium (16%)
– Iodine (100%)
– Magnesium (25%)
– Zinc (100%)
– Selenium (100%)
– Copper (100%)
– Manganese (200%)
– Chromium (100%)
– Molybdenum (100%)

Nature Made Multi for Him Benefits:

– specially formulated for men’s health needs
– contains 22 nutrients

Nature Made Multi for Him Negatives:

– not a significant source of calcium
– Vitamin A Daily Value is only 50%

Clinical Studies: 

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