Prosta-Response Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Prosta-Response from Source Naturals is a formula for men looking to have healthier prostates. It is loaded with vitamins and herbs that have been linked to supporting prostate health – as well as a handful of extracts that are thought to serve the body’s health in other areas.

Because of its numerous ingredients, Prosta-Response claims that it can help regulate hormone production in men. Hormones can directly affect the way the prostate functions and may have an effect on its health. One way is by attempting to prevent testosterone from converting into DHT and binding to the prostate. DHT is also thought to be the main cause of male pattern baldness.

They also claim to assist the body in regenerating healthy cells, specifically due to the inclusion of Swedish Flower Pollen Extract. For years, this extract has been widely used throughout Asia and Europe, and now is making its way into Western Culture, in part to supplements like this or others that target male enhancement and health.

Prosta-Response aims to help soothe the body, especially if men are experiencing problems with urination. The plant compounds used in the formula have been linked to doing just that.

On a similar note to the soothing effects, the product claims to promote a healthy bladder and healthy urinary tracts.

Containing Vitamin E and Zinc is an attempt to maintain proper health and balance of the prostate as well, as both of these are thought to support a functional bladder. Zinc is often used in other male-enhancement supplements, especially those formulated specifically for sexual health.

Users are directed to take three pills a day for approximately 90 days, reducing the dosage to two after that period of time.

Prosta-Response Ingredients (+ Daily Value %):

– Vitamin C (10%)
– Vitamin D3 (100%)
– Vitamin E (670%)
– Zinc (200%)
– Selenium
– Copper
– Soybean Powder
– Saw Palmetto Extract
– Quercetin
– L-Alanine
– L-Glutamic Acid
– Swedish Pollen Extract
– Phytosterol Complex (containing Beta-Sitosterol)
– Stinging Nettle Root Extract
– Marshmallow Root
– Pumpkin Seed Oil Extract
– Pygeum Africanum Bark Extract
– Red Clover Extract
– Ginkgo Biloba
– Uva Ursi Leaf
– Goldenseal Root
– Gravel Root
– Green Tea Extract
– Ginger Root
– Grape Seed Extract
– Lycopene

Prosta-Response Benefits:

– contains many ingredients
– may support all-around prostate health

Prosta-Response Negatives:

– requires time dedication
– not high in Vitamin C

Clinical Studies: 

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