Brite Eyes III Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Brite Eyes III is a formula intended to help people who have eye troubles, specifically those experiencing discomfort.

This product contains two lubricants that have been used for years to help with irritation of the eyes, especially for eyes that chronically become dry.

The first of these is glycerin, and many eye formulas contain this lubricant. While many herbalists will suggest that people try and address eye problems from the inside out (taking eye supplements and vitamins, etc.), drops that contain this ingredient may provide at least a temporary solution to such problems.

The other lubricant contained in this formula is Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, commonly found in such formulas for helping relieve eye issues.

They use N-acetyl-carnosine to try and help with the detoxification of the eyes. When free radicals are left to roam, problems can ensue. For this reason, many experts recommend finding a good antioxidant as well as a good exercise program to get the body – and eyes – in a healthier condition.

Users are directed to use the vials to lubricate their eyes at various times throughout the day.

Brite Eyes III Benefits:

– may relieve irritation
– may help with detoxification

Brite Eyes III Negatives:

– may not be a long-term solution for eye problems
– does not contain natural vitamins or minerals

Brite Eyes III Ingredients:

– Glycerin
– Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose
– Boric Acid
– Citric Acid
– N-Acetylcarnosine
– Potassium Bicarbonate
– Purified Benzyl Alcohol
– Sterile Water

Clinical Studies: 

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