Zenagen Hair Loss Shampoo is an all-natural formula with a patent pending for its role in preventing hair loss by blocking the production of DHT, one of the main causes of hair loss. The formula claims to be able to not only block DHT but to protect the hair follicles and scalp from harmful UV rays from the sun. The product contains antioxidants that aim to cleanse the scalp and provide an environment in the scalp conducive to healthy hair.

The solution contains ingredients that claim to reduce oil secretion as well. When hair follicles shrink, there is much less chance of them being able to grow healthy hair again, and Zenagen hopes to combat this.

Zenagen Benefits:

– may stop hair loss
– may prevent thinning
– may block DHT
– all-natural product

Zenagen Negatives:

– may not work if the user is completely bald
– requires some dedication

Zenagen Ingredients:

– Coconut Extract
– Honey
– Nettle
– Rosemary
– Saw Palmetto
– Trillium Pratense
– Camellia Sinensis
– Caffeine
– Tea Tree Oil

Zenagen Overall Review: 2 out of 5.

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