Actra SX Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Actra SX is a natural food supplement composed of amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins designed for any male desiring to enhance his sexual performance. No prescription is required, and it is not necessary to take Actra SX on a daily basis. Prior to the sexual activity, Actra SX should be taken on an empty stomach for maximum benefits

Erectile dysfunction occurs when the brain’s message to the penis to trap blood is overpowered by other emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, or fear. Health problems may also interfere with the brain’s messages to the penis. Blood flow to the penis must be maintained in order to sustain an erection. Erectile dysfunction occurs when there is a reduction of blood flow, or if blood returns to the circulatory system before reaching orgasm.

Age is another factor that typically slows down the communication process between the brain and the penis.  Chinese herbs present in Actra SX have historically been credited by some cultures to improve sexual performance, increase energy, and improve health in general.  However, what concentration of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes is appropriate for significant benefits to occur has not be determined by the FDA or any other reliable research. Caution must always be exercised when taking supplements, as large doses of some of the ingredients in Actra SX could pose a health risk.

Actra SX Ingredients: 

– protein
– glutamine (amino acid)
– arginine (amino acid)
– histidine (amino acid
– aspartic acid
– tyrosine (amino acid)
– phenylamine
– lysine (amino acid
– glycine
– threonine (amino acid)
– isoleucine (amino acid
– alanine (amino acid)
– serine (amino acid
– methionine (amino acid)
– tryptophan (amino acid)
– vitamin B1, B2, B12, E
– calcium
– iron
– magnesium
– zinc
– selenium
– cupric
– natural herbs

Actra SX Benefits: 

– no side effects
– all natural product
– no prescription necessary and does not need to be taken on a regular basis
– takes effect in less than an hour

Actra SX Negatives:

– no studies available on the effectiveness
– does not cure erectile dysfunction
– not safe for men with type I diabetes

Clinical Studies: 

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