Super Dragon 6000 Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Super Dragon 6000 is a spray for men who are looking to last longer during sexual intercourse. It contains Lidocaine and is meant to prevent premature ejaculation – as well as to simply help men who are looking for more stamina.

One of the causes of premature ejaculation is just over-sensitivity. If a man is feeling too much excitement in his reproductive area, this can lead to orgasm. By applying Lidocaine, a man can hope to reduce this stimulation for a period of time, allowing him more freedom and the ability to at least last a little longer.

Premature ejaculation is a common issue for many men of all ages. It can show up in different ways; one of them is ejaculation almost immediately upon penetration. Another is ejaculating very shortly after beginning sexual intercourse. The most debilitating case, however, is when a man cannot stop from ejaculating even before the vagina is penetrated.

Premature ejaculation is not just a physical problem; much of it can be mental. Being too excited about having sexual intercourse can lead to this situation, as can being unable to relax the mind – worrying, in this case. If left untreated, it can easily negatively affect relationships, as the man’s partner will continuously go sexually unfulfilled. It is for this reason that men seek out herbal supplements, sprays, and creams to alleviate this problem.

Super Dragon 6000 Ingredients:

– Lidocaine
– Vitamin E

Super Dragon 6000 Benefits:

– may help with premature ejaculation
– easy to use

Super Dragon 6000 Negatives:

– the only active ingredient is Lidocaine
– does not address other areas of sexual health

Clinical Studies: 

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