Jamaican Stone Overall Review: 2 out of 5.

Jamaican Stone is a natural product that is advertised to help men achieve and maintain erections while delaying ejaculation. The benefits they talk about are enhancing (strengthening) erections, increase the time of sexual intercourse, increase the sensation you feel, and speed up recovery times between sexual sessions.

The herb gained popularity in the 1970s, with Chinese Herbalists selling it to the public. Jamaican Stone does not have a known shelf life and contains no fragrance of its own that can be noticed by human scent. They claim that when the product is applied directly to the penis, it can begin working immediately and last up to four hours, delaying your ejaculation while keeping an erection.

Jamaican Stone, the brand, also has other products for sale other than the basic rock reviewed above. They have a gel meant to delay ejaculation as well as condoms designed to do the same.

Jamaican Stone Benefits:

– may increase sexual stamina
– natural product
– no prescription required

Jamaican Stone Negatives:

– not a long-term option for some men
– oral sex is discouraged

Jamaican Stone Ingredients: 

Tree sap is the active ingredient.

Clinical Studies: 

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