Natrol Maca Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Natrol Maca is a supplement for enhancing energy, vitality, and – especially – sexual health. Maca has been used for ages to help with fertility issues and performance and has seen a popularity increase in recent years.

If men are having problems with declining testosterone, many cultures have long used Maca to help remedy this issue. As a man ages, these levels can begin to steadily decline, causing problems like hair loss, premature aging, and sexual issues. He can begin to be uninterested in sex, even if his partner is responsive. Maca is thought to help with this, restoring some of the lost sexual drives as it boosts and regulates hormonal levels.

Also addressed by Maca are energy levels. This can come into play during sexual intercourse as well, as a man can become overly tired while engaging in sexual acts. Maca is thought to give him more stamina during intercourse.

Fertility issues may also be helped through the use of daily Maca supplements. It is often given to couples who are trying to conceive children, as the thought is that since it may help regulate hormonal levels, it may also increase the chance of fertilization.

Another added benefit of Maca is that it may help strengthen the immune system, as the regulation of hormones is related to the way the immune system works.

Users are directed to take one Natrol Maca capsule each day, preferably with food to prevent the onset of the upset stomach.

Natrol Maca Ingredients:

– Maca Extract

Natrol Maca Benefits:

– may boost libido
– may help with sexual performance

Natrol Maca Negatives:

– contains the only ingredient
– may take some time for full effects

Clinical Studies: 

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