Vigorect Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Vigorect is the natural way to improve sexual performance with an herbal drink in gel form. Taken 30-45 minutes before sexual activity, Vigorect promotes an increase in libido and helps attain and maintain a strong, hard erection. Vigorect does not have to be taken every day, but when it is taken prior to sex, men can often expect the effects to last until the next day, so multiple sexual encounters may be enjoyed.

Vigorect targets both the physical and psychological aspects of sexual performance.

DL-phenylalanine, an amino acid, has proven to work as a mood elevator and increase brain activity. Sex begins in the brain. Without the idea and the confidence, the message is not sent to the penis to begin filling with blood and achieve a powerful erection.

A healthy nervous system is also a vital part of the erection process.  Impulses are sent to the penis through nerves.

Choline bitartrate helps keep the nerves healthy, so the message is not interrupted on its way to the first step in preparing for an erection.

A penis can only grow as large as the area provided. Aging, heart issues, and diabetes debilitate the blood vessels’ potential for expansion. To relax the tissues in the penis and widen them to their maximum capacity, Vigorect includes butea superba as a key ingredient.

Vigorect Benefits: 

– increased libido
– harder, firmer erections
– no prescription needed
– all natural
– does not need to be taken daily
–  convenient, handy packaging

Vigorect Negatives:

– drinking alcohol with Vigorect no recommended
– lack spontaneity as Vigorect must be taken 30-45 minutes prior to sexual activity

Vigorect Ingredients: 

– superba
– choline bitartrate
– vitamin B-5
– DL-phenylalanine
– L-arginine

Clinical Studies: 

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