RegenErect Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

RegenErect is an all-natural formula for men that claims to stimulate the size of a man’s erections, as well as helping him to maintain the erection longer. They also state that it can last up to three days, giving more intensity to a man’s orgasms and stamina during that time.

Horny Goat Weed is used in countless other male-enhancement supplements due to its effectiveness as an aphrodisiac and its performance regarding proper blood flow. Without proper blood flow – a problem that is extremely prevalent as men age – erections simply aren’t as strong as they were for men when they were younger, and sometimes men are completely unable to get erect.

Oyster extract is also included in RegenErect. While not as popular among some of the other leading erectile-dysfunction supplements, it has long been known for its properties as an aphrodisiac.

RegenErect has undergone studies by Dr. Ester S. Mark, with positive findings concerning the ability of men to achieve erections. RegenErect claims that she recommends their product to patients desiring sexual enhancement.

Consumers are directed to take just one capsule daily, with effects noticeable in less than two hours.

RegenErect Ingredients:

– Silkworm Extract
– Oyster Extract
– Gouqi Extract
– White Willow Bark Extract
– Horny Goat Weed
– Spanish Red Saffron Extract
– Spanish Red Oak Leaf Extract
– Maca
– Green Tea
– L-Arginine

RegenErect Benefits: 

– may increase desire
– may improve erection quality

RegenErect Negatives:

– conflicting ingredient lists
– may require dedication for some

Clinical Studies: 

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