Solaray Catuaba Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Solaray Catuaba is a supplement designed to increase vitality, energy, and sexual response. Catuaba bark is a very popular ingredient in many different sexual supplements for men.

The Catuaba tree can be found in North Brazil, growing freely in the Amazon forest and other places in Brazil. The extract taken from the bark of this tree is known to stimulate the nervous system and brain. One of the main ways it is administered through tea, although in recent years has gained much popularity in capsules containing its powder. As it stimulates the nervous system, it may also help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, sexual exhaustion, and other areas of sexual health. It is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac, boosting the libido in many of its users.

One of the ways that it accomplishes these goals is through improving the blood flow, allowing more blood to flow into the penis during times of arousal. As men age, one of the difficulties they may have is problems with proper blood flow. If there is not enough blood flowing into the penis, it may be difficult to sustain or even achieve an erection.

It has been said that in the beginning stages of taking a supplement containing Catuaba bark, one of the first signs that it is beginning to work is users having sexual dreams. Many experts say that when a person begins to have sexual dreams, this can intensify his libido during waking hours.

Solaray Catuaba Benefits:

– may improve erection quality
– may boost libido

Solaray Catuaba Negatives:

– may require dedication
– may need to be used with other supplements for maximum effects

Solaray Catuaba Ingredients:

– Catuaba Bark

Clinical Studies: 

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