Detain X Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Detain X is a product meaning to help men last longer during sexual intercourse, improve orgasms, and help conquer premature ejaculation.

One of the main approaches that this formula takes is to try and increase serotonin levels in the brain. It is said that if serotonin levels can remain high, men will be much less likely to prematurely ejaculate. They say that their formula can help rid men of much of their anxiety toward sex, as well as limit obsessive thinking during these times.

Not being able to perform at a certain level sexually is a big problem for countless men, which is why the male-enhancement market has boomed in recent years. The anonymity with which it can now be discussed online has brought much information and education to this once-taboo topic.

The problem with premature ejaculation that this product aims to help is the never-ending circle of self-doubt and anxiety that can occur. Once a man realizes that he is not lasting long enough for his partner to be sexually fulfilled, it can cause much anxiety. This anxiety can carry into the next sexual experience, causing it to happen again. It becomes quite a self-fulfilling prophecy. By taking Detain X daily, men may be able to get their minds back to a confident place regarding these experiences, restoring his vitality and improving his relationships.

Users are directed to take one capsule every day, shortly before going to bed.

Detain X Benefits:

– may help with premature ejaculation
– may improve mood

Detain X Negatives:

– does not address erectile dysfunction
– requires some dedication

Detain X Ingredients:

– Hypericum Perforatum
– L-5-HTP
– P-5-P
– Melatonin
– L-Tyrosine
– L-Glutamine
– Cellulose
– Mannitol
– Vegetable Stearate
– Xylitol
– Silica
– Natural Vanilla Flavor

Clinical Studies: 

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