VasoRect Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

VasoRect is a product for men aimed at helping with sexual appetite and performance. It may be able to help improve erection, making them stronger and more erect. The product also may help with stamina / premature ejaculation and improve the amount of semen in an ejaculation.

L-Arginine is a popular inductee into many male-enhancement formulas. It has shown that it can help introduce the process of nitric-oxide stimulation. When this process begins, an erection should soon follow. In order to help this process continue, a proper amount of blood must flow into the erection to make it hard and strong. The more blood that finds its way into the penis, the larger and stronger it will be. Ingredients like Ginseng can aid the body in proper blood flow.

Concerning semen production, Zinc has been shown to dramatically increase the amount during ejaculation for some men. Whether men are looking for this to happen due to a visual standpoint or for the theory that more semen means more chance of fertilization, Zinc may help on this front.

Premature ejaculation may be prevented through the erections themselves, albeit indirectly at times. The larger and stronger the man’s penis, the more confidence he may have. The more confidence a man has during sexual intercourse, the longer he may last. Also, if an erection is stronger and there is more semen during ejaculation, orgasms may last longer, thus enhancing the physical pleasure.

VasoRect Benefits:

– may give men stronger erections
– may enhance semen production

VasoRect Negatives:

– the ingredient list may be unreliable, as no official listing has been found
– may require some dedication, based on potential ingredients

VasoRect Ingredients:

– Calcium
– Zinc
– L-Arginine
– Maca
– Korean Ginseng Extract
– Ginkgo Biloba
– Stinging Nettle Root Powder

Clinical Studies: 

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