Vim-25 Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Vim-25 is an alternative to prescription medication for the enhancement of sexual health. They claim that it can act quickly to enhance a man’s sexual performance and pleasure.

They include Chinese Yam in Vim-25. Chinese Yam is thought to significantly help regulate cholesterol in users and may be more reliable than other treatments. It is often said that it can be a powerful treatment for promoting the healing of damaged tissues and to improve energy and stamina. As with many other Chinese remedies, the yam is linked to promoting healthy functioning of the kidneys.

Lycium Fruit, one of the ingredients in the formula, has a variety of uses, dating back ages. It is thought to help nourish blood, for one. If blood is flowing properly through the body, there is a better chance of the penis working properly. As men age, blood flow often declines, and many may need supplements to get this circulation back to a high level. Poor diet and lack of exercise are common contributors to this problem.

Lycium also has a history of being used to promote healthy kidney functioning. It is also thought that supplementing the liver with Lycium Fruit can aid in its processes.

Ginseng is easily the most recognizable herbal extract in this formula – at least in the Western World. It is commonly used to provide boosts of energy to promote more endurance. It also may help improve blood flow. In the case of a man’s sexual health, proper blood flow is often key to a healthy erection.

Vim-25 Benefits:

– may increase sexual pleasure
– may improve erections

Vim-25 Negatives:

– short ingredient list
– ingredients somewhat unknown to many men

Vim-25 Ingredients:

– Ge Gen
– Lycium Fruit
– Chinese Yam Rhizome Extract
– Cnidium Monnier
– Poria
– Tienchi Ginseng

Clinical Studies: 

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