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Vectomega Whole Food Omega-3 is a supplement that delivers the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, both considered to be very beneficial to various aspects of the human body. It aims to deliver these through an extraction process that only utilizes the naturally-occurring enzymes of salmon, without altering them. This process may allow the body to absorb the benefits up to 50 times better than typical fish oils.

EPA and DHA have become more popular in the Western World in recent years, due in part to the massive exchange of information over the Internet concerning their benefits. Many other cultures have been taking omega-3s for ages because they feel they can prevent certain heart disease – as well as other health benefits.

Another benefit they may provide is to help improve a person’s overall positive mood. The DHA levels in the brain are thought to be directly linked to depression and other illnesses related to anxiety. If these DHA levels can remain normal or high, it is said that depression can be managed more easily – or in some cases, be entirely preventable.

Arthritis sufferers often claim that their inflammation has been more manageable after taking daily fish oils over an extended period of time (60+ days). Some of these users have said that they have been able to reduce the number of prescription pills for pain that they had been taking.

Users are directed to take two softgels each day for the first 30 days of usage. After this initial period, they may reduce their dosage to just one each day.

Users who are looking for a safer approach to getting a daily dose of omega-3s that have not been chemically altered may find Vectomega to be to their liking.

Vectomega Ingredients:

– EPA and DHA (292mg)

Vectomega Benefits:

– may improve mood
– may help with joint inflammation
– may help prevent heart problems

Clinical Studies: 

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