Viapren Strips Overall Review: 2 out of 5.

Viapren Strips are another male supplement that claims to be the natural equivalent to the prescription drug, Viagra. This is not a prescription drug, and it is going at a very low cost in comparison to others on the market. Just be careful not to let low prices entice you into making a purchase. Viapren Strips have a terrible reputation with consumers, and they will urge you not to buy this product — calling it a scam. They come in the form of strips, and are instructed to be used three at a time — just like you would use a mouth strip. They do not promote lasting results and are designed to be used for a quick fix — and on an as-needed basis.

Viapren Strips Benefits: 

– claim to work quickly

Viapren Strips Negatives:

– consumers say they are a scam
– do not promote lasting results

Viapren Strips Ingredients:

– Epimedium
– Mucuna Pruriens
– Catuaba
– Schizandra

Clinical Studies: 

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