XStrip Overall Review:

3 out of 5.

XStrip is set on helping men reach their sexual peak. They say that they can effortlessly increase penis size by two inches and help its users reach stronger, fuller, and longer lasting erections.

XStrip claims to work by filling the penis fully with blood. The ingredients used are said to have suction like effect as they pull blood into the penis. This act will expand the penis in size and intensify erections. Claims say that XStrip will increase size by up to 30%, although results will certainly vary. This product also aims to prevent premature ejaculation. The idea is for the product to increase sexual ability in men and in turn provide more pleasure for both partners involved.

Unfortunately, the ingredient list used in this product is not disclosed. This can make users weary about their purchase because they stand potential health threats. This is a solid reason why it is highly recommended to seek a physician’s approval before taking part in any male enhancement product.

This is a gel and is assumedly used on an as needed basis, although it claims to promote lasting results.

XStrip Benefits: 

– claims to increase penis size by up to 30%
– claims to help overcome ED and PE

XStrip Negatives:

– clear instructions not listed
– physician’s approval is highly recommended

XStrip Ingredients: 

Not found during time o review.

Clinical Studies: 

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