Yohimbe 451 Overall Review:

3 out of 5.

Yohimbe 451 is a supplement for men that comes loaded with Yohimbe Bark Extract. It comes in capsule form and is essentially an herbal alternative to prescription medication for men’s sexual and muscular health.

As men age, they being to face a host of health problems. Testosterone levels drop. When this happens, they can begin to experience a drastic decline in their sexual drive, and this becomes outwardly apparent through weak erections – and in many cases, the inability to achieve an erection at all (erectile dysfunction).

Yohimbe 451 aims to solve much of this problem by including what they say is a potent dose of Yohimbe.

Yohimbe is easily one of the most popular and talked-about herbal remedies for sexual dysfunction. It is thought to open up blood vessels to allow more blood to flow into the penis. When a man has a weak erection, it means that not enough blood is flowing into its chambers – for various reasons. Many supplements use Yohimbe to at least address this isolated aspect of gaining stronger erections.

Yohimbe is also often used as a way to lose weight. If taken in the correct doses, Yohimbe can act as a stimulant similar to coffee, only with somewhat different effects. If a person’s metabolism speeds up, there is more chance for him to burn off some of the fat that his body is retaining. Also, as the metabolism gets a kick-start, it can sometimes be a temporary appetite suppressant.

Yohimbe 451 Benefits:

– may improve erection strength
– may boost libido

Yohimbe 451 Negatives:

– contains only one ingredient
– some users are sensitive to stimulants

Yohimbe 451 Ingredients:

– Yohimbe Bark Extract

Clinical Studies: 

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