Botanic Choice Beta-Sitosterol Plus Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Botanic Choice Beta-Sitosterol Plus is a formula designed for prostate maintenance and prevention. It contains Beta-Sitosterol, Zinc, and Selenium – three popular ingredients commonly found in supplements for prostate health.

Beta Sitosterol – typically taken from Saw Palmetto – is a plant sterol that is thought to provide some relief from many of the symptoms men can have when dealing with an enlarged prostate. A large percentage of men will suffer from some sort of prostate problem at one point in their lives. One of these enlarged-prostate symptoms is nighttime urination. This is when men feel a need to get up in the middle of the night (or whenever their sleep is, depending on their work schedule, etc.) to use the bathroom, often too minimal results – and getting up multiple times. This can be terribly uncomfortable and can disrupt other areas of his life, as sleep is valuable. Many men who have taken supplements containing Beta Sitosterol have stated that it has helped reduce the trips to the bathroom.

The prostate contains large deposits of zinc, and the mineral is very important in maintaining prostate health. It helps produce healthy sperm as well as can help promote the production of more sperm, increasing the chances of fertilization.

Selenium may be equally as important as zinc for the prostate, and some studies suggest that it may even help prevent the onset of prostate cancer, something that many men suffer from.

Botanic Choice Beta-Sitosterol Plus Ingredients:

– Beta Sitosterol
– Zinc
– Selenium

Botanic Choice Beta-Sitosterol Plus Benefits:

– may help with nighttime urination and other symptoms of an enlarged prostate
– may help with sperm production

Botanic Choice Beta-Sitosterol Plus Negatives:

– contains only three active ingredients
– may require daily dedication

Clinical Studies: 

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