Many men over the age of 50 suffer in one way or another from an enlarged prostate, and thankfully, there are several options available to help remedy this problem. There are several prescription options available to help combat an enlarged prostate, however, these options often come with dangerous side effects. Luckily, there are also several all-natural options available to combat this problem and one of these all-natural supplements is called OptiProstate XTS.

OptiProstate XTS is an all natural prostate support formula designed for men seeking to reduce common symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate such as frequent urination, sexual dysfunction, painful urination, and nightly urination.* This product contains some popular ingredients that are often contained in other comparable supplements such as Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin Seed Oil.

OptiProstate XTS is made in the USA in GMP compliant facilities. This ensures that there are no added fillers or unlabeled ingredients in this product.

-Contains saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil

-Lacks zinc
-Lacks Vitamin E

-Omega-6 Fatty Acids

-Omega-9 Fatty Acids

-USPlus® Organic Saw Palmetto Extract

-Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

Clinical Studies:

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