Akavar 20-50 Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Akavar 20/50 is a product designed to help people lose weight without taking prescription medications, and without having to “starve one’s self” in the process. They say that users should be able to eat all that they want, and only need to remember to take their supplement each day. This is based on studies that have been done by the University of Liverpool.

The ingredients in the formula are similar to other weight loss products, but there are differences that may set it apart from the others. The first ingredient that stands out is caffeine. Most diet pills that aim to help burn fat will contain at least some caffeine. This is because caffeine is known to really speed up the metabolism, and when the metabolism is acting at a high level, fat will also burn faster. Likewise, if a person is feeling the effects of caffeine during a workout routine, it is not uncommon for that person to be able to work out a little harder or a little longer, thereby burning more calories/fat during that session. Another positive side effect of taking caffeine is that it may improve the clarity of the mind. While not directly related to weight loss itself, it is nonetheless a benefit for many people.

Other ingredients in the formula more or less support these effects to varying degrees. Things like guarana, ginger, and kola nut are widely found in weight loss supplements due to their positive effects. If the body can continue to speed itself up while curbing hunger and eliminating some of the buildups of toxins, they will likely have a much better chance of losing weight and meeting their fitness goals.

Akavar 20-50 Ingredients:

– Vitamin B6
– Magnesium
– Yerba Mate
– Caffeine
– Guarana
– Damiana
– Green Tea
– Ginger
– Kola Nut
– Schisandra
– Scutellaria
– Tibetan Ginseng
– Cocoa Nut
– Jujube
– Thea Sinensis Complex

Akavar 20-50 Benefits:

– they say that users can eat what they want
– may burn fat faster

Akavar 20-50 Negatives:

– results may not be typical for everyone
– dedication required

Clinical Studies: 

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